Mirchaiya residents protest against tax hike

Residents of Mirchaiya, Siraha, took out a rally to protest against the municipality’s decision to hike tax rates on Wednesday.

Vice-chairman of Siraha Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ashok Kumar Sah said they were compelled to take out the rally as the municipality did not address their demands despite the 15-day ultimatum they had issued to the municipality to revise the tax rates. According to the protesters, the mayor of the municipality had agreed to address their demand within August 31.

They had demanded the municipality to register personal records of the citizens free of cost and make the municipality’s income details transparent. As the municipality haphazardly hiked taxes and fees, both public

and private sectors have taken to the streets to protest the hike.

The agitating Mirchaiya residents said the municipality has imposed huge taxes even on poultry. As per the municipality’s decision, people will have to pay a tax of Rs 20 for selling a pair of ducks and Rs 50 for a chicken. Previously, no taxes were levied on poultry.

Besides, the municipality has also raised the annual tax on highway-side home owners to Rs 60,000. Sah said they will not accept random taxation imposed by the local government.

Pradip Mahaseth, a leader of the Nepal Communist Party, said they will continue to protest until the municipality revises the tax rates.

Source: Kathmandu Post.com


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